ATI Electro-chemical Sensors

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Design & supply of toxic/combustible gas detectors and water quality monitoring equipment for municipal water and wastewater applications.

analytical technology, inc. USA

ATI - Manufacturers of a variety of instrumentation for the detection of toxic, combustible and general gases along with water quality instrumentation for monitoring dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone,dissolved ammonia,residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sulfite, sulfate, fluoride, pH/ORP, conductivity, turbidity and particle counters.

We have a dedicated division whom specialises at gas monitoring and water quality monitoring systems. We partner with a United States based prominent electro-chemical sensor manufacturer - Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) to cater for Asia Pacific market. ATi is the fastest growing specialist electro-chemical sensor manufacturer in the USA-Europe, providing award winning customer support, efficient and cost-effective products and decades of industry experience. ATI is part of the Control, Electromedical, Measuring & Navigational Instruments Manufacturing Industry. ATI pioneering and industry leading range of Network Monitors, Water Monitors and Gas Detectors provide support for the most demanding of applications. We provide the highest quality monitoring solutions available, allowing our customers to ensure a safe, efficient and healthy environment.

Analytical Technology (ATI) Water Monitors, Analysers, and Meters (Made in USA)
Product ranges:
AutoClean pH/ORP Monitor
pH/ ORP Monitor
2-Electrode Conductivity Monitor
4-Electrode Conductivity Monitor
Blind Toroidal Conductivity Monitor
Chlorine Dioxide Monitor
Dissolved Ammonia Monitor
Dissolved Ozone Monitor
Dissolved Sulphide Monitor
Fluoride Monitor
Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor
Particle Counter
Peracetic Acid Monitor
Portable Monitor & Data-Logger System
Residual Chlorine Monitor
Residual Chlorine Recorder
Residual Sulfite Monitor
Toroidal Conductivity Monitor
Total Chlorine Monitor (A15-79)
Total Chlorine Monitor (Q45H-79)
Fixed Turbidity Monitor
Water Quality Panel
AutoClean Dissolved Oxygen monitor
AutoClean Optical Dissolved Oxygen Monitor
Network Monitors
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Analytical Technology (ATI) Gas Detectors, Monitors, and Sensors (Made in USA)
Product ranges:
Wet Gas Transmitter
2 Wire Toxic Gas Transmitter A12
2 Wire Toxic Gas Transmitter B12
Combustible Gas Transmitter A12
Combustible Gas Transmitter C12
Gas Alarm Module
Gas Sampling System
Intrinsically Safe Gas Transmitter
Infrared Gas Transmitter
Ozone Standard Generator
Portable Gas Detector
Stationary Gas Monitor
Toxic & Combustible Gas Transmitter
Wet H2S Gas Monitor Q45S
Gas Sensor Exchange Programme
Flame Detection
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Analytical Technology (ATI) - USA based Water & Gas Monitor Manufacturer
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Covering countries: Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Thailand, Negara Brunei Darussalam, Republic of the Philippines, Malaysia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Republic of Singapore and Republic of Indonesia.

USA made Chlorine Gas Monitor - Single Point A14/A11 -11-0020-1 Gas Detector Receiver & Sensor/Trans.


Demonstration of how to replace a membrane on a sensor for on an ATi chlorine monitor. The same procedure can used for the ATi ozone and chlorine dioxide monitors.

Step by step instructional video of the preparation of an ATi residual chlorine sensor.

How to verify your NephNet continuous battery powered portable turbidity monitor.