Automotive & Aviation Consulting

Automotive consulting and parts supply

Our global network of automotive consulting experts especially from Europe region help our clients achieve their full potential and raise of the automotive supply chain value through profitable growth and maximum efficiency. We work with companies from all sectors of the automotive industry:

a) Passenger car and light truck OEMs

b) Commercial vehicle OEMs

c) Automotive suppliers and high-tech companies

d) Retailer and service station networks

e) Aftermarket specialists

f) Mobility and automotive finance specialists

We offer a comprehensive range of parts outsourcing services and consulting works to vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, vehicle financiers and other automotive sub-sectors, as well as their creditors, lenders and other stakeholders. In addition, we provide a full range of strategic communications services to help clients use their communications assets to protect and enhance their enterprise value.

We also cover Inbound to Manufacturing Logistics and the all-important Aftermarket as well. This experience has been established over 30 years in operational management, solution design and supply chain consulting. The automotive industry is now facing the biggest challenges it has seen in decades. Electrification and autonomous driving are literally turning the industry on its head. So, new market-leaders will appear very quickly. Traditional brands that we have all grown up with face extermination if they do not change quickly.

Aviation fuel infrastructure consulting

We partner with one of the world's most experienced aviation consultancies providing aviation advisory services to governments, civil aviation authorities, airport companies,  and etc. We provide worldwide engineering, operational and commercial advice to those involved in storage, handling and delivery of aviation fuel, oil products, oil & gas. ons and maintenance

Our expertise as per below:

  • Technical advisory and traffic forecasting  
  • Airline advisory services
  • Airport planning and development strategies
  • Operational concept, critical systems and IT
  • Design and capital delivery
  • Sustainability and environmental management
  • Asset management, operati

Covering countries: Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Thailand, Negara Brunei Darussalam, Republic of the Philippines, Malaysia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Republic of Singapore and Republic of Indonesia.