We have a large range of brand new / used diesel & gas generators. Our generators range from 6kVA up to 2500kVA; These are high quality diesel from recognised names in power generation. Available second hand generators include open and silent / enclosed (ISO containerised or canopied) gen-sets with alternators by reputable International based manufacturers. Our used generators can be configured for standby, primary or continuous supply.

Silent Diesel Generators

Noise levels are one of the few potential stumbling blocks that you may face, but a super SDG will soon overcome this issue. As the name suggests, they run very noiselessly, thanks to close-fit sound attenuated canopies, so that you can get on with your countless assignments without any distractions. This selection can be particularly popular in commercial settings.


Open Generators

OGs are most commonly used in industry as their lack of sound attenuation can be distracting for home usage. Nonetheless, they are capable of providing huge amounts of power at 1500 rpm, which makes them very advantageous when running lots of machinery on site. With an open generator, it is easy to make a wide range of adjustments too, empowering our team to provide you with the perfect solution for your company’s exceptional requirements.


Gen-set (GS) is a term to describe diesel generators in general. More specifically, it shelters diesel generators that combine a diesel engine with an electric generator that runs and makes power. They can be open or enclosed while variants include portable, heavy-duty and key start solutions. Just be sure that you are getting an unswerving service from a trustworthy manufacturer, and you’ll be fine.


Standby Generators

Standby power generators are an idyllic source of backup energy for the home, particularly for those that have solar panels or other items to live off-grid. When electricity is temporarily dropped, this will get the home systems up and running in style with instantaneous results, providing that the generator has an electric start control panel and a ready fuel supply. A SPG can also be utilised by business that cannot afford a drop in power even for a few minutes. Power capacities can vary massively depending on the exact model you opt for. 

Turkish made 10 - 1500 kVA Brush-less Synchronous Alternators - gensan

The GSA alternator is one of the leading manufacturers of brush-less alternators and supplying the expanding demand for reliable power stations with GSA alternators since it is founded in Turkey in 1982. Located on 30.000 sqm outdoor and 5.000 sqm indoor space in Turkey. By utilising modern technology, high quality GSA alternators are manufactured by experienced technical staff in this plant.

High performance, efficiency and endurance of GSA alternators are supported with standards such as TSE , VDE and IEC. As the design minimise the costs of mechanical and electrical connections and offer easy control and simple maintenance, GSA is the preference of alternator users. The guarantee of the quality of both products, spare parts and service in delivery and technical support indicates quality policy.

In addition to standard products, our production line also consists products such as;

• Pendulum dynamo which is used to determine the power and momentum of rotating machines

• 60,100,150,200,300 and 400Hz frequency alternators and frequency converters

• Rotating inductive loads to test gen-sets and alternators

• Rotating transformers

• Couplings and flanges to couple alternators to diesel engines