Information and Communications Technology

Our information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy and supply ensure technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realize the promised benefits. As one of the leading IT services and solutions providers, we aim to become one-stop ICT solution center not only to provide global IT services and solutions to the local and regional conglomerates markets, but also to serve Multinational Companies (MNC) that are seeking the opportunity to expand their footprint in this region. ICT is integral to modern life and covers all aspects of society’s infrastructure including:

  • Efficient online services
  • Sophisticated spatial and transportation systems
  • Complex communications and IT networks in buildings

Special Division: Hi-speed Railway Accelerometer Supply:-

The transportation system lies at the backbone of the modern world, with the railway system being its most crucial component. As such, progress in this field has determined more and more high-tech sensors to be incorporated into trains and the infrastructure of the railways in order to ensure a proper evolution of this means of transportation. Not only do these sensors monitor the status of the trains and tracks, guide and control the train, facilitate repair planning and reduce maintenance costs, but they are also meant at improving aspects relating to passenger safety and comfort. Accelerometers represent a large part of these sensors and they are used to monitor several types of mechanical motions such as inertial force (acceleration), tilt (inclination), vibration and shock. We stock and distribute MEMS based capacitive sensors, with attractive characteristics of size, power, reliability, long-term bias repeatability, signal to noise ratio and robustness. By combining integrated circuit processing with specific MEMS processes, we produce microscopic mechanical structures fit for today’s evolving field of railway transportation.