Design & Supply Poles

We are specializing in design and supply followings pole types:

a) Power transmission pole:

Professional in supporting for energy logistics. We design and supply most cost effective and pragmatic solutions for major power transmission and distribution business. We provide structural engineering for line routing or we directly manufacture the pole as per clients' specifications;

b) Antenna carries pole:
Mobile communication marks the attitudes of an entire generation. We are capable in offering everything on a one-stop basis;

c) Street lighting pole:

Light is just more than brightness. Light which simply means atmosphere and security. Artificial illumination exerts increasing influence on our daily lives, especially at night. We are committed in putting lights wherever people need it from athletic facilities, street, and others.

d) Advertising pole.

Advertising pole plays a vital role in many business lines. On expressways, highways, and in the middle of the city: advertising masts and towers determine a product or company image and produce enormous recall values among passers-by. To ensure that your advertising media pay off as long as possible, you can count on our advertising pole to be your reliable business partner.