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With the capability to supply power transformers generally up to 30MVA at 33kV, our strategic partner design team enables us to offer excellent lead times and competitive prices while having the flexibility to build our clients something truly customised.

We are also able to supply much larger Power Transformers through our strategic partners. Our power transformers are available in ONAN, ONAF or OFAF specifications, complete with standard and special fittings that include: on load tap changers; tap changer control panels; separate and integral cooling bank systems; forced fan cooling; oil circulation pump systems; temperature monitoring systems; HV and LV cable boxes or outdoor bushings;

As well as our strategic partner / manufacturer in-depth testing procedures, temperature rise, impulse and noise level testing can also be offered if required.

We also supply rectifier transformers that meet customers unique operating and environmental requirements. Rectifier Transformers can be supplied with ratings ranging from 35kV to 220kV, and up to 140MVA,. Various transformer configurations are available, including:

Various transformer configurations are available, including:

a) On-load or off-load tap changers

b) Three phase bridge-type rectifier

c) Double Delta-star three-phase, five-leg rectifier transformer

d) Double Delta-star 3-phase, 5-leg rectifier transformer

e) Cooling options including ONAN, ONAF, OFWF, OFAF, ODAF

Price List 2018/2019

Transformer Price List 2019-2020
From extra-high-voltage (HV), medium-voltage (MV) to low-voltage (LV) products for electrical substation which consist of oil-immersed transformer, cast resin transformer, switchgear and control center, we supply total engineering such as system planning, design and construction of substation facilities.
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JSM Transformer Catalogue

JSM Transformer Catalogue 2018/2019
Oil immersed Transformer, Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer, Gas Insulated Switchgear, MV Switchgear (24kV,7.2kV) and LV Motor Control Center, Rectifier and etc
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JSM Transformer CE Documentations

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JSM EU Certificate Declaration Conformity

JSM EU Certificate Declaration Conformity
JSM EU Certificate Declaration Conformit
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