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GermAwayUV Tabletop UVC Surface Sterilizer with Amber UV Glasses

55 Watt Complete Room & Surface Sterilizer and Disinfectant 

At this point we are moving as quickly as possible to fulfill all tabletop orders. Orders placed today should be fulfilled within 5-6 weeks as there is a backlog due to the increased demand from the Coronavirus.

With a 55 Watt bulb, this chemical-free UV room & surface sterilizer is the strongest of its kind. It will result in effective room sanitization by killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeasts, C. diff, odors, and other harmful microorganisms. With a simple touch of a button you'll be able to clean and disinfect an entire room in a matter of minutes. 





The UV bulb on this device is long lasting so you’ll have up to 10,000 hours of usage time! You can use it regularly, for 15 minutes every week, to ensure a consistently clean room. But, you can also use it once off, for example during and after a bout of flu, to safely disinfect a room.


And for good measure, we’ve used shatter proof coated lamps - in case you or an employee drops the device, all you’ll have to do is simply disconnect the bulb and throw it away. No need to carefully clean up tiny shards of glass. If that happens don’t worry, CureUV has a range of replacement bulbs at a low cost.

It has an easy to use design. All you need to do is place it on a table top, turn it on like we’ve described below and you’re good to go. And because your safety is important to us we’ve included a free pair of amber safety glass. 

Quick STARTUP Guide:

Place the device on a table surface making sure that all the items you want to sanitize are exposed. 

Clear the room of any people, pets or plants.

UV light is harmful to your eyes – you should avoid exposure at all times. So we’ve included a free pair of safety glasses with this device. Put these on. 

Press the Power Button (ON/OFF). All four indicator lights will flash.

Set the Timer. The device has 3 time settings - 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The red power indicator will flash and the selected time indicator will flash green when set. 

Press the Power Button (ON/OFF) again. Both the indicator lights will remain on. There will be a 60 second delay for you to leave the room, if you’ve used the touch display. The sanitizing process will automatically being. Note: The delay will stand even if you use the remote so be sure to clear the room. 

After the selected dosage time as ended the device will automatically shut off.

Air the room out for 10 minutes to clear the slight odor that results from sterilization.

Enjoy a sanitized space!

We recommend that you make sure as many of the items you want sanitized are exposed e.g. open cupboard and lay out devices.

The device does comes with an instruction manual. Plus you can also watch our demo video below and you’ll see just how simple it is!

Device Specifications

Power Supply: 120VAC/60Hz

Usage: Plug and play supply hub

Wattage: 55W

Lamp Length: 21.06" (535mm)

Peak UV Output: 253.7nm

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 22"

Instructional Manual - GermAwayUV Table Top (PDF)
Adobe Acrobat Document 161.0 KB


Medical Germicidal Air Purification System
Filters pollen, smoke, air pollutants, odors, bacteria, germs, mold, pet dander and more.
Automatic air quality sensor.
Negative Ion Generator
4 Automatic Timer
3-Speed AC Fan
Voltage Supply: 230V, 50Hz
Power: 72 watts
Noise Level: 46dB(A)
Coverage Area: 643 sqf (Medical application)
Filter: Pre-filter, Activated Carbon, PCO & HEPA
UV-C primarily in the 253.7nm wavelength
Touch Panel
Air Purifier Global.pdf
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