Water and Wastewater Equipment Supplier and Services Provider (WESP)

Euro Hi-Tech WESP division has specialised for more than 20 years in providing engineered solutions for the water, wastewater, manufacturing and process industries and has become firmly established as a leading supplier of equipment. The unique combination of services that this division is able to offer means that we can “Design, Manufacture, Install, Commission and Service” all the products and packaged solutions we provide. Furthermore, we can install, commission and service other suppliers’ equipment.

stockist and distributors of valves, actuators, pipes, fittings and instrumentation

WESP is amongst the largest and independently owned stockists as well as distributors of valves, actuators, pipes, fittings along with instrumentation in South East Asian countries. Our combined stock-holding ensures rapid response to customer needs, and our vast collective experience adds value in the procurement process. Our core product lines include gate, globe, check, ball, and triple offset butterfly valves plus many others, all held in a wide variety of materials and sizes. We are stockists for a number of highly respected manufacturers including Neway, Metso Jamesbury, SWI, Franklin and numerous others. Our people, experience, core stock and key brands make us flexible and agile whatever the requirement. We have over substantial years of experience supporting customers with "maintenance, repair, and operations" MRO (both contracted and ad-hoc maintenance) and project requirements (shutdown / turnaround cycles, new asset construction and other significant CAPEX - capital expenditure). We hold a broad and deep stock of our core products throughout the Group, including significant instrumentation stock lines, to react quickly to customer demands. This range of capabilities and our speed of response distinguish and define our company.


Our service team is dedicated to providing the best after sales care possible. WESP service team, with more than 20 years experience in water treatment applications, has the ability to project manage site installations, commission and service all EHT products to ensure customer satisfaction. Our trained service engineers are available throughout the South East Asian countries and will endeavour to get your equipment running in the quickest possible time. Once a system has been commissioned and handed over to the client, a period of training and monitoring takes place to ensure that the equipment performs as specified. Thereafter, we also provide a full range of after sales services to support customers and this can be tailored to suit every need, including:

a) Service & Maintenance of all EHT products & systems

b) Emergency Call out

c) Negotiate planned Maintenance & Service Contracts for all Fibrotex & Membrane Systems d) Onsite repair of hollow fibre membrane modules

e) Replacement of membrane modules

f) Assist with the service & repair of competitor products and installations

g) Pilot trials for feasibility studies


WESP provides cost-effective, high performance water filtration of feed water in process streams and waste waters in a wide range of industries such as Desalination and Water Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Medical Glove Manufacturing Plant, Food and Beverage, Brewing, Processing, Engineering, Papermaking, and etc.

Groundwater Treatment

a) Turbidity Reduction

b) Iron & Manganese Removal

c) Crypto Removal

d) UV Pre-Treatment

Surface Water Treatment

a) Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Reduction

b) Turbidity Reduction

c) Protection of Downstream Cartridge Filters

RO Pre-Treatment

a) SDI Reduction of Mains Water, Sea Water

b) Protection of Downstream Cartridge Filters

c) Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Process & Wastewater

a) Heavy Metal Removal

b) Tertiary Treatment

c) Filtration for Re-Use

d) Filtration down to 2µ

e) Mains Water Filtration

Covering countries: Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Thailand, Negara Brunei Darussalam, Republic of the Philippines, Malaysia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Republic of Singapore and Republic of Indonesia.

Sherwood (USA)

USA based Sherwood is the world’s leading provider of system-critical gas and fluid control solutions for the industrial gas, specialty gas, chlorine gas, alternative fuels and life support markets. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and comprised of two (2) U.S. manufacturing centers providing quality, American made products for over 100 years Sherwood has earned a reputation for products that not only keep pace with customer requirements, but also anticipate their changing needs. Please kindly contact us in order to connect with the product development team includes experts in product design as well as experts in the quality and compliance testing requirements needed to create valves to meet the very unique applications.

Metso (Finland) - premium valve manufacturer

ROTORK (UK) - industrial flow control equipment manufacturer

GAST Air Motors Preventive Maintenance (USA)

ARMANO Messtechnik GmbH - premium Pressure gauges and thermometers manufacturer

We collaborate with a reputable & competent partner in supplying mechanical pressure measuring instruments, chemical seal mounting, electronic pressure measuring instruments, mechanical temperature measuring instruments and electrical temperature measuring instruments, thermowells and calibration technology. Our associate's product range also comprises all accessories, such as pressure gauge valves, pressure gauge cocks and siphons. We gladly offer our service to fit transmitters provided by our customers. In addition to the production and re-supply of the quality standard products according to DIN EN, we also offer advice and assistance for our customers even in case of difficult metrological problems.

ARMANO Product Portfolio 2020
Armano Product Portfolio 2020-protected.
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best-selling products of all time

ARMANO or AB, Armaturenbau (Germany) Pressure Gauge c/with silver foil protection diaphragm seal in carbon steel housing used for CL2 gas services.
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4 AM-ARV-119 Air Motor - vanes, reversible,
Metric IEC #72, Frame size 071, rated 2 HP, includes
muffler; Origin of Goods: USA
Please write-in for attractive pricing


1214AX1-CL1 - Chlorine Ton Container Valve, , 3/4"

Sherwood valve 14 NGT (CL1), w/Teflon Packing, 1.0248" dia (Standard Thread), No Fuse Plug. Origin of Goods: USA